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Located on the shores of Georgian Bay, Collingwood, Ontario, is a charming town that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and small-town charm. One of the best ways to experience the area’s scenic beauty is by bike, and Collingwood’s bike trails offer a perfect way to do just that. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the town’s bike trails, highlighting the best routes, scenic views, and outdoor activities to enjoy.

Popular Bike Trails in Collingwood

Collingwood, Ontario, boasts a range of captivating bike trails, each offering a unique experience for enthusiasts. AllTrails, a leading platform for outdoor enthusiasts, highlights several top-rated trails that have become favorites among cyclists. Let’s delve into these trails:

1. Georgian Trail

  • Rating: 4.5 (238 reviews)
  • The Georgian Trail is a standout favorite among cyclists, earning a remarkable 4.5 rating based on 238 reviews. This moderate trail is celebrated for its picturesque landscapes and diverse terrain. Cyclists can anticipate a pleasant journey along a well-maintained path, offering a perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment.

2. Collingwood Circuit

  • Rating: 4.3 (98 reviews)
  • The Collingwood Circuit is another gem, earning a commendable 4.3 rating from 98 reviews. This moderate trail is known for its engaging features, combining scenic beauty with a slightly challenging terrain. Cyclists navigating the Collingwood Circuit can expect a fulfilling experience surrounded by the natural charm that defines the Collingwood region.

3. Clearview Collingwood Train Trail

These ratings not only reflect the overall satisfaction of cyclists but also underscore the diverse offerings each trail presents. Whether it’s the panoramic views along the Georgian Trail, the engaging features of the Collingwood Circuit, or the historical charm of the Clearview Collingwood Train Trail, each route promises an enriching biking experience in Collingwood, Ontario.

Connecting Routes and Special Rides

In addition to the standalone trails, Collingwood offers connecting routes and special rides that add a layer of diversity to the biking experience:

1. Collingwood Wasaga Connection

  • For cyclists looking to traverse between the stunning locales of Wasaga Beach and Collingwood, the Collingwood Wasaga Connection is a highlight. This specially designated 15-kilometer ride serves as a link between these two popular destinations. Not only does it offer a scenic journey, but it also provides an eco-friendly alternative, allowing riders to travel the distance without relying on gas. The Collingwood Wasaga Connection serves as a testament to the region’s commitment to sustainable and enjoyable outdoor activities.

2. Clearview Collingwood Train Trail to Stayner

  • The Clearview Collingwood Train Trail, in addition to being a captivating trail in its own right, serves as a connecting pathway from Collingwood to Stayner. This crushed gravel linear trail follows the path of an abandoned rail line, once part of the Ontario Simcoe and Huron Railway system. The connectivity it provides opens up opportunities for extended rides and exploration, allowing cyclists to seamlessly transition between the charming town of Collingwood and the welcoming community of Stayner. As riders traverse this historical route, they are treated to picturesque landscapes and a glimpse into the region’s rich railway history.

These connecting routes not only expand the geographical reach for cyclists but also add an element of adventure and exploration. Whether it’s embarking on a journey from the vibrant shores of Wasaga Beach to the scenic beauty of Collingwood or connecting two historic towns through the Clearview Collingwood Train Trail, these routes enrich the biking experience by offering a tapestry of diverse landscapes and cultural narratives.

Collingwood Trail System

The Collingwood Trails stand as a testament to the town’s commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive outdoor experience. This multi-use accessible trail system has become a hub for enthusiasts seeking various recreational activities amidst the scenic beauty of Collingwood:

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1. Diversity of Activities

  • The Collingwood Trails cater to a wide spectrum of interests and seasons. Its multi-use design accommodates not only cyclists but also pedestrians, dog-walkers, and those seeking winter adventures. In the colder months, the trails transform into a winter wonderland, welcoming snowshoers and cross-country skiers to traverse the same paths that cyclists explore during warmer seasons.

2. Year-Round Accessibility

  • One of the key features of the Collingwood Trail System is its year-round accessibility. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll through vibrant foliage in the fall, a brisk winter walk amid glistening snow, or a springtime bike ride under the budding trees, these trails are adaptable to the ever-changing Canadian seasons. This versatility makes them a go-to destination for locals and visitors alike, ensuring that nature’s beauty is accessible at any time of the year.

3. Community Gathering Spaces

  • Beyond their recreational value, the Collingwood Trails often serve as community gathering spaces. Families take leisurely walks, friends explore the trails together, and individuals find solace in the tranquility of nature. The shared spaces foster a sense of community, creating a bond among those who appreciate the natural beauty that Collingwood has to offer.

4. Environmental Appreciation

  • In essence, the Collingwood Trail System goes beyond being a network of paths; it’s a dynamic space that adapts to the needs and interests of the community. Whether you’re seeking an invigorating bike ride, a peaceful walk, or an adventure in the snow, these trails invite everyone to explore and appreciate the natural wonders that Collingwood, Ontario, has to offer.

The Best Bike Trails in Collingwood

  1. The Waterfront Trail: This 32-kilometer trail follows the shoreline of Georgian Bay and offers breathtaking views of the bay and its surrounding landscape. The trail is mostly paved and suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists.
  2. The Collingwood Heritage Trail: This 12-kilometer trail takes you on a historic journey through Collingwood’s charming neighborhoods and picturesque countryside. The trail passes through the town’s oldest neighborhoods, showcasing its rich history and architecture.
  3. The Georgian Trail: Spanning 37 kilometers, this trail connects Collingwood to the nearby town of Thornbury. The trail features a mix of forests, wetlands, and scenic lookout points, offering a diverse and enjoyable cycling experience.
  4. The Beaver River Trail: This 16-kilometer trail follows the winding Beaver River and offers stunning views of the surrounding forests and wildlife. The trail is suitable for both hiking and cycling and is a great spot for nature enthusiasts.

Scenic Views and Outdoor Activities

  1. The Niagara Escarpment: This UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and is a must-visit spot for nature enthusiasts. The escarpment offers hiking trails, scenic lookout points, and opportunities for rock climbing and birdwatching.
  2. Georgian Bay Islands National Park: Located just a short ferry ride from Collingwood, this national park features 10 islands, each with its unique landscape and ecosystem. Visitors can enjoy hiking, camping, and kayaking in the park.
  3. Blue Mountain: This popular ski resort offers more than just skiing; it’s also a great spot for hiking, mountain biking, and scenic gondola rides. The resort features stunning views of the surrounding landscape and is a great spot for a family outing.

Collingwood, Ontario, is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a range of bike trails, scenic views, and outdoor activities. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just looking for a leisurely ride, Collingwood’s bike trails offer something for everyone. Pack your bikes and explore the town’s natural beauty, history, and culture. Book your accommodations now and start planning your Collingwood adventure!

Is there a bike trail from Collingwood to Wasaga Beach?

Collingwood and Wasaga Beach, two picturesque locales in Ontario, are connected by the enchanting Collingwood Wasaga Connection trail. This trail is not just a pathway; it’s an exploration of the natural beauty and charm that this region has to offer to biking enthusiasts.

Trail Details

  1. Description of the Trail Route: The Collingwood Wasaga Connection trail spans approximately 15 kilometers, weaving through diverse landscapes. Starting from Collingwood, cyclists embark on a journey that takes them through lush woodlands, alongside sparkling rivers, and even offers glimpses of the Georgian Bay. The route is carefully crafted to provide a balance of natural serenity and engaging terrain.
  2. Scenic Points and Attractions Along the Way: Cyclists can anticipate encounters with several scenic highlights. From the vibrant foliage in the fall to the refreshing coolness of waterfront sections, the trail offers a visual feast. Noteworthy attractions include Sunset Point Park, known for its panoramic views, and the meandering paths around the Nottawasaga River.
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Accessibility and Amenities

The trail is designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that both seasoned cyclists and beginners can enjoy a seamless biking experience. Facilities and services along the trail include strategically placed rest areas with benches, water fountains, and informative signages guiding cyclists through the route. Bike rental services are available for those who don’t have their own equipment, enhancing accessibility for all biking enthusiasts.

User Experiences

To truly capture the essence of the Collingwood Wasaga Connection trail, hearing from those who have experienced it firsthand provides invaluable insights. Testimonials from bikers often express not just the physical exhilaration of the ride but also the mental refreshment gained from immersing oneself in the natural surroundings. Users share their awe at the changing landscapes, the camaraderie built among fellow cyclists, and the sense of accomplishment upon reaching the endpoint at Wasaga Beach.

In one testimonial, a cyclist recounts the joy of discovering hidden gems along the trail, such as tucked-away viewpoints and wildlife sightings. Another emphasizes the family-friendly nature of the trail, citing the ease with which children can navigate and enjoy the journey.

The Collingwood Wasaga Connection trail is not just a means of transportation; it’s an odyssey connecting two beautiful destinations, offering an experience that transcends the ordinary and creates lasting memories for all who traverse its path.

Is there a bike trail from Stayner to Collingwood?

Nestled in the heart of Ontario, the Clearview Collingwood Train Trail stands as a testament to both nature’s beauty and the region’s historical richness. This trail not only connects Stayner and Collingwood but also bridges the gap between the present and the remnants of a bygone era.

B. Trail Features

  1. Characteristics of the Trail: The Clearview Collingwood Train Trail, with its crushed gravel pathway, spans a journey through approximately eight miles of scenic landscapes. Bikers are treated to a route that seamlessly blends the tranquility of nature with the echoes of the past. The trail meanders through woodlands, offering glimpses of vibrant wildflowers and, at times, revealing vistas of the surrounding countryside.
  2. Historical Significance of the Abandoned Rail Line: What sets this trail apart is its historical backdrop. The pathway follows an abandoned rail line that was once part of the Ontario Simcoe and Huron Railway system, linking Collingwood to Toronto. The remnants of the railway infrastructure provide a captivating narrative, allowing bikers to literally ride through history. Informational placards along the trail share insights into the rail line’s heyday and its importance in shaping the local landscape.


The Clearview Collingwood Train Trail is not an isolated stretch; it seamlessly connects with the broader Collingwood Train Trail network. This connectivity extends the biking experience, giving enthusiasts the option to explore a more extensive trail system. Whether one chooses to embark on a leisurely ride or a more challenging biking adventure, the interconnectedness of these trails ensures a diverse and fulfilling experience.

Local Impact

The impact of the Clearview Collingwood Train Trail transcends the physical path it carves through the landscape. It weaves a tapestry of community engagement and local vitality. Cyclists and pedestrians alike find common ground on this trail, fostering a sense of community as they share in the enjoyment of the natural surroundings. Local businesses along the trail often experience increased foot traffic, contributing to the economic vibrancy of the region.

Beyond economic contributions, the trail serves as a focal point for community events and gatherings. Annual biking events, guided historical tours, and environmental initiatives find a natural home along the Clearview Collingwood Train Trail, enriching the cultural fabric of the communities it touches.

In essence, this trail is not just a conduit between Stayner and Collingwood; it’s a bridge between the past and the present, nature and history, and, most importantly, between the people who call this region home.