Cycling and Biking in Ontario: Explore the Province on Two Wheels

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Ontario is a cyclist’s paradise, with over 9,000 kilometers of on-road and off-road trails to choose from. Whether you’re a casual rider or a seasoned cyclist, you’re sure to find a trail that’s perfect for you.

On-Road Cycling

Ontario’s on-road cycling routes range from easy family rides to challenging climbs. Some popular routes include:

  • The Waterfront Trail: A 1,323-kilometer trail that follows the shores of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.
  • The Great Lakes Waterfront Trail: A 3,500-kilometer trail that circumnavigates the Great Lakes.
  • The Trans Canada Trail: A 24,000-kilometer trail that crosses Canada from coast to coast.
  • The Lake Erie Cycle Trail: A 900-kilometer trail that follows the shores of Lake Erie.

Off-Road Cycling

Ontario also has a number of off-road cycling trails to choose from, including singletrack trails, forest roads and rail trails. Some popular off-road trails include:

  • The Ontario Greenbelt: A 2.2-million-acre protected area that surrounds the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Algonquin Provincial Park: A 7,630-square-kilometer park with over 200 kilometers of cycling trails.
  • Haliburton Highlands: A region with over 1,000 kilometers of cycling trails, including many singletrack trails.
  • Bruce Peninsula: A peninsula with over 200 kilometers of cycling trails, including many scenic trails along the Niagara Escarpment.

Cycling and Biking Events in Ontario

There are a number of cycling and biking events held in Ontario throughout the year. Some popular events include:

  • The Ride for Heart: A fundraising event that supports the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
  • The Tour de Quinte: A three-day cycling tour that takes place in the Quinte region of Ontario.
  • The Around the Bay in a Day Race: A 30-kilometer running race and 80-kilometer cycling race that takes place in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • The Mountain Bike Ontario Provincial Championships: A mountain biking race series that takes place at different locations throughout Ontario.

Plan Your Cycling and Biking Adventure

Ontario has something to offer cyclists of all levels, from beginners to experienced riders. Whether you’re looking for a scenic ride along the waterfront or a challenging mountain bike trail, you’re sure to find it in Ontario.

To start planning your cycling or biking adventure, visit the Ontario Tourism website. You can find information on cycling routes, events, and accommodations. You can also download a cycling map of Ontario.

Get Out and Explore!

Once you’ve planned your route, it’s time to get out and explore! Be sure to wear a helmet and other safety gear, and bring plenty of water and snacks. And don’t forget to enjoy the scenery and all that Ontario has to offer!

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